What if technology was optimised for harmony, rather than disruption?

If not disruption then what?

To start at the most obvious alternative to disruption we might simply consider its direct opposites; calm, order, peace, tranquility, and ultimately harmony. If disruptions task has been to capture and exploit our attention, then harmonies task should be to respect our attention and focus it. This simple organising thought is the basis for what I have speculatively called careos — a device and operating system based upon the ancient Greek notion of Kairos. The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. While chronos refers to quantitative and sequential time (leading to modern chronology), kairos signifies qualitative time and the opportune timing for attention and action. We have seemingly holistically lost our sense of timing in the pursuit of capturing our sense of time within a single mechanical dimension. But this sense of kairos and timing, might be easily reawakened.

Say hello to careos — harmonising our habits

From the micro to the macro



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